Thursday, June 30, 2016

You can call me Tropicana because I'm an islander!

I LOVE MY NEW AREA! It is so awesome here! I am so blessed to be serving in the Bangor area!

So the town that I live in is called Old Town. It's one of 3 islands of the Penobscot River. The other islands are smaller then Old Town and are called Indian Island and French Island. I haven't been to French Island yet, but I have been to Indian Island a few times. It's an Indian reservation so we can't prostyle on it or else they will shoot us. But there are some members who live there so we get to go visit them.

We also cover Orono which is where the University of Maine is. I am in a college town! Ah! It's so great seeing people my age. Haha Life here in the "city" is defiantly a lot busier then good Ol' Milo.

This week we have had so many fun adventures. Tuesday transfer day was hectic crazy! A lot of missionaries were getting new cars, so a lot had to go down to Manchester. The Dover Elders wrecked their car so we had to drive them to Auburn, ME where we stayed and they took the Jeep to Manchester. It was fun staying in Auburn for a few hours with Sister Hoopes and Sister Adaline. I didn't get to my area until 8:00 at night. So much driving!! Ahh! It was nice to get out of the car!

Wednesday we get a call from a former investigator and she leaves a voicemail and you can tell by the tone of her voice that she is in panic. She asked us if we could do some service for her so the next day we went expecting to help her patch holes in her kitchen and paint.. But that was not the case at all. She was trying to put up some new shelves in her kitchen and when she pulled off the cupboard she discovered that her whole kitchen wasn't insulated. She was a wreck. She told us that all the walls needed to come down and handed us sledge hammers.

I have never used a sledge hammer in my life.. Especially not to knock down walls. But it was literally the best thing ever. All the stress and worry I have ever had was all let out on that poor poor wall. "All I wanted was to put up shelves" our dear friend kept saying as she banged her hammer into the wall. If her life wasn't falling apart at that exact moment I totally would have filmed me making complete destruction, but I am sure you can all just picture it in your head.

Well everything was fine and dandy until Sister Hallam stepped on a old rusty nail from 1929. She the next day we had to go to the insta care and get her a tetanus shot.

Saturday the weather was literally perfect! We were out walked a lot and talking to so many people! Oh my, there are so many people here! I feel like I am slightly in culture shock, but I'll get used to it because it is so awesome! Our apartment is a famously known in the mission as "the Bangor Mansion" because it is HUGE! Ah! I am so blessed.

The members here are so sweet and I have gotten to meet so many! It's a hard adjustment come to a new area where you literally don't know that much. Especially coming from Dover where I literally new everything about everyone. But I have got my stalker board all ready so I will know everyone here pretty soon.

Well on for my spiritual thought!! Sister Hallam gave a really great talk where she told a story about a little pioneer girl. She was so tired and really just wanted to ride on the wagon. But nobody offered her a ride. She walked and walked just about to the point where she couldn't go any longer. Then one of the men with a wagon asked her if she wanted a ride.

"Yes, please sir." She responded. She was so relieved to give her achey legs and feet a break. Her relief was soon cut short when the man grabbed her by the hand and made her run faster then she thought her little legs could go. She ran and ran along with the wagon and she was so angry at the "mean" man who was making her do this. Then unexpectedly the man swooped her up and wrapped her in a blanket putting her in the wagon.

While the young girl was snuggling all warm, in the blanket she realized that the heat for her exhausted body was keeping her warm in the freezing winter weather. The man she thought was so mean actually had saved her from freezing.

Life is like that a lot I think. We go through hard trials and when we ask for help from God things just always seems to get a little bit harder. Why is that? Why doesn't God just take away our pain and make our lives easy?

I think it's safe to say that God is so much wiser than we are. He is all knowing and He knows what is best for us. When trials get harder and we think there is no way we could possibly go on, take a moment to consider what the blessings are and look at life with an eternal perspective. Is God helping us to grow and become better? Is He keeping us safe from unseen danger? Is He preventing us from freezing in this cold and dark world?

Someone once said that we should be grateful for all the cracks that we have. The cracks that are in us from trials and hard times. Because without those cracks the light couldn't shine through.

I love you all so much!
Have a safe and happy week!!
Sister Dickson

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