Thursday, June 30, 2016

All Manner of Affliction

Oh my, it's crazy how a change in season and a little bit of sun can
make anyone happier. Missionary work is going great. There are a lot
of people out gardening and walking so we have so many wonderful
opportunities to share the gospel.

So cool story about that, we were walking down the street one day and
there was this lady out gardening so we stopped and asked if we could
help her. She said that she was just about done, but that she knew
someone who did need help. She pulled out her phone and called her
right up then and there so we could talk to her and set up a time to
help her. It was awesome!! We did a lot of gardening this week for a
lot of different people, which is awesome. I love being outside and
especially outside in pants!

So cool miracle happened on Saturday. We were out tracting and
everybody was saying no, which isn't out of the ordinary. The time
came for us to head back to the car so we could make it to our dinner
appointment. On our way back to the car a man, named Jesse, who we had
already talked to was out walking to his car. We were surprised when
he stopped us because when we had talked to him before he said that we
was all set with his beliefs. But he stopped us and asked us if we
could actually share our message with him. So, we got to teach him the
restoration and give him a Book of Mormon! And he told us he was going
to read it and that we could come back another time. It was fabulous!

Today is President Stoker's last official day as our mission
president. Oh ouch, stab me in the heart! I am going to miss him and
Sister Stoker so much! They have done so much for me and for the
mission, it's so sad to see them leave. I feel so blessed that I got
to serve with them. I am excited for the new mission president and his
wife to come though. Their names are President and Sister Blair. I
know they are going to be doing wonderful things.. I just wish we
could get the Blair's and keep the Stoker's.

Well let's talk about more positive things now, like my Spiritual thought!

Anyways, trials always seem to be a huge topic that is always running
through my head. I have found myself really pondering about trials.
During our companionship study Sister Hallam and I got to talking
about Nephi.

Nephi's big main trial in the Book of Mormon is his family. His
brothers threaten to kill him, attempt to kill him, and abuse him over
and over and over again. Their prosperity even continues to fight with
each other for hundreds and hundreds of years. I am sure that many
prayers were offered by Nephi in an attempt to soften his brothers
hearts and for his brothers to be kind towards him. But over and over
again those prayers seem to go unanswered. He spent his whole life
dealing with this problem, and it never got better.

I feel like that same thing happens to us. We may have the trial of an
addiction, or we are being bullied, or we have some mental or physical
disabilities. I am sure many prayers have been offered to Heavenly
Father for relief of these trials, and I know without a doubt that He
is listening. But yet, we still struggle and we still have to suffer
with all manner of afflictions.

This is where I think Nephi is so awesome. Nephi didn't give up. Every
time one of his brothers tried to kill him he relied on the Lord. He
exercised great faith and we see that he gets stronger each time he
goes through this trial. His brothers never change. His circumstances
never change. But Nephi changes.

I think it's the same for all of us. No matter what trial it is. Most
of the time we will find that our trials won't magically go away.
Consequences will still come, people will still make mistakes and our
weaknesses and disabilities won't magically be take from us.

But we can choose to either become better or bitter. Our whole life is
going to be us going through hard things that are intended to make us
better and stronger. That is why there is the gospel and the church
that we can rely on. As we live the gospel and do the simple church,
prayer, scripture study and keep our covenants we have made then we
will be able to bear our burdens with the Savior by our side every
step of the way.

Life is good everyone, we have a Savior to help us!

I am so grateful for Him.

And for you!

I love you all!!
Have a happy week!

Sister Dickson

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