Thursday, June 30, 2016

.but these are our days.

Hello my loves!,

This week was just so unbelievably wonderful! So many miracles!!
The beautiful flowers are a blooming and the weather is just amazing!
I remember thinking last winter that for the rest of my life I was
doomed to an eternal bitter cold. I never thought the warmth would

So in honor of the beauty that is all around we have been doing a lot
of missionary work on foot. It is such a blessing to be in an area
where I can actually walk to appointments.

Tuesday I went to my very first exchange as an STL with Sister
Lescarbeau who is serving in Farmington, ME right now. It was so fun!
She is a great Sister! Sister Lescarbeau, Sister Hawes, and Sister
Castleton are all serving together in a trio. So we had 5 Sisters all
staying with us in the apartment, it was a party let me tell you! I
made French toast for everyone and I made the smoke detectors go off.
Three times. Haha but it was so fun.

We got the coolest opportunity this past week end to have a mission
conference down in New Hampshire, where Elder Rasband from the twelve
and Elder Bragg from the seventy came and spoke to us. IT WAS SO

So Friday afternoon we meet the Bangor Elders and the Brewer Elders
and we all hop in the famous Brewer mini van and drive the long (so
long) 5 hour drive down to Bedford New Hampshire. I really didn't know
how long 5 hours was until you are locked in a van with 4 elders. For
about an hour they all looked at pictures of themselves and then for
another 4 hours they made up their own definitions to different words.
They would, as awkwardly as possible, wave to every car passing by and
shout out the missionary discussion out the window. Oh, and did I
mention they did all that while speaking with a British accent? For 5
hours down to New Hampshire and for the 5 hours back up to Maine..
Hahah it was pretty funny though.

We got to stay Friday night at the mission home in Bedford and it was
so fun! In the morning President Stoker comes upstairs and announces
that he has made waffles for everyone! Sister Stoker had yummy fruit
salad and home made Carmel syrup. It was so good!! I love the Stoker's
they are so awesome!

So we had to the chapel Saturday morning and all 180 missionaries in
the mission were there. It was so great getting to see everyone from
the MTC and seeing old friends in past districts and seeing Sister
Jensen and Sister Hoopes.

Getting the opportunity to hear from and apostle of the Lord was such
a privilege! Oh my, Elder Rasband is just the coolest! He has a
grandson who is serving here too. I learned so much from him. And that
leads into my spiritual thought.

Helaman 7:8-9
"Yea, if my days could have been in those days, then would my soul
have had joy in the righteousness of my brethren.
But behold, I am consigned that these are my days..."

Elder Rasband really stressed on the importance of living in the
moment. Right now. And loving every second of it. Aren't we all just a
little like Nephi here? Wishing to go back in time, focusing on what
could have been or what once was.
Well.. If that is ever you (because it is mostly certainly me very
often) then you need to knock it off right now.
Even God doesn't dwell in the past. He isn't fixed on who we used to
be, or what we did, or how our life was. He is focused on us now. Who
we are now and what we are doing now. He sees us as who we are and who
we can become. He see every ounce of good in us.

There is always good in everyone and in everything.

These are our days, my friends, live in them and love them "for the
Lord will do wonders among us".

I love you all!
Have a great week!
Sister Dickson

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