Thursday, June 30, 2016

I need thee every hour

Hello hello!!

Well this week was just lovely because the weather here in Maine is
FINALLY getting so beautiful. My 11 month mark is on Wednesday and the
weather is reminding me of the beginning of my mission with Sister
Bee. Such great memories!! I love being a missionary!

On Tuesday we were teaching one of our investigators about
commandments and how they are a restriction but wise counsel to keep
us safe and happy. Well we start talking about praying to know if
these things are true and teaching her how to pray and her 14 year old
son came right up to the lesson and started to listen. He took a pic
of the how to pray page in the pamphlet we gave and was so interested.
It was so cool! He took a Book of Mormon and wants to keep learning!

So as sister training leaders we get to go to other sisters district
meetings whenever we want. There are 5 sets of sister in the zone that
we cover and we try to go to all of their distinct meetings. So last
Wednesday we decided to go to Dover's district meeting!! It's was so
great seeing Sister Hoopes and Sister LaFevre. It was so crazy weird
being back in my last area and in the Dover chapel. Like it kind of
felt like coming home.. But also like I didn't belong. Haha weirdest
feeling ever, but it was so great.

On Saturday we went on exchanges with the Waterville Sisters, Sister
Clegg and Sister Turley. Sister Clegg has been out for 8 months and
Sister Turley has only been out for about a month. I was on exchanges
with Sister Clegg and so many miracles happened! We were able to give
out 3 Book of Mormons and teach a lesson to a potential investigator.
We also got a return appointment. It was a great day only to come back
to the apartment to find Sister Hallam and Sister Turley had given out
2 Book of Mormons, got 3 return appointments and 2 new investigators!
Miracles happen on exchange let me tell you!

Oh and another miracle. We have been working with this less active for
a while trying to help her to get to church again. She hasn't been to
church in at least 10 years and she finally came to church on Sunday!!
It was so great! I was jumping up and down all excited! Best Sunday

I love the change the Jesus Christ can bring into our lives. I am so
grateful for Him. Which leads me into my Spiritual thought!
This morning the words to the song,
"I Need Thee Every Hour" have been running through my head over and
over. I've always loved this hymn, but this week it took on a new
meaning for me. We really do need him not just every hour, but every
minute, and every second of our lives. More than that, He is there
every hour, minute, and second of our lives. So, you ask, why don't we
feel like He's always there? Because feeling Him, talking to Him, and
listening to Him takes work and I'm grateful for missions and trials
and situations that teach me how to do that work.

Now pay attention: the song says I need thee every hour. Not Mormons
need thee, sad people need thee, missionaries need thee, etc. You know
why that is? Because it isn't an exclusive statement! We all, in each
and every one of our circumstances, need Him every hour. It's amazing
that to so many this statement applies to everyone else but them.
Also, notice that this is in first person. You, yes you, you do need
him— just admit it! Heavenly Father cannot give anyone the help that they
don't want, we all would do all to get over our pride and ask for it.
Literally, His way is the only way that will bring us true happiness.

I need Him every hour. Christ is the only way.

I hope we all would follow President Monson's counsel to "always
choose the harder right, instead of the easier wrong. If we choose
Christ we would have made the correct choice."

I love you all!
Have a happy week!
Sister Dickson

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