Thursday, June 30, 2016

They say when a door closes...

Another one opens.

Ahh! My head is just going crazy right now! So many great things happened this week!

Well.. The time has come and this week has definitely been bittersweet for me. I am being transferred. Oh man, ok well let me at least start from the beginning.

Tuesday we did a lot of service. We helped one of our investigators paint in her house, and we helped a member with yard work. I love doing service! Wednesday was the usual teaching and such.

Thursday morning we got some bad news when our landlord's daughter knocked on our door. She came to tell us that our landlord's husband had passed away. He was old and it was expected, but still such a shock. We spent a big part of the day with them and their family. These people have become like my family. I have spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter with them. They are such wonderful people, and I am so grateful for the knowledge we have that death is not the end. Because of Jesus Christ we will all be with our loved ones again.

Even with that knowledge it is still hard to be separated from our loved ones for a time. Sister Hoopes and I were pretty down in the dumps. We decided we were going to spend the day cheering up others because we know that the best medicine for sadness is service.

We went down to Dover in the grocery store (the store here in Milo is just way to expensive) to look at some flowers. We saw that they had these beautiful big bouquets for sale for only 4 dollars each. So of course we bought pretty much every kind of flower there was.. Enough to make 19 different flower bouquets to be exact.
Oh my! It was so fun playing florist. We put the flowers together in different arrangements for the single mothers in the branch, and also for a few other special women who have really blessed our lives. We also wrote a cute quote and a love note for these amazing women.

It was so fun surprising all of them! Especially when we gave our landlord some big bright happy yellow flowers. I am so grateful for such wonderful women in my life. Shout out to my beautiful mother who has and continues to do so much for me! Thank you so much! I love you!

By Saturday though my nerves were shot. I don't know what it is about transfers that are so stressful, but I am pretty sure I have high blood pressure because of it. When President Stoker called us that night and told me what my fate is, I was in complete shock when he told me I was being transferred to Bangor, Maine and will be a sister training leader.

AHHHHHH! I am soooo excited!! I am also completely and utterly terrified. But since I already have been on exchanges in Bangor 3 times I know the area decently well and I already know my new companion, Sister Hallam, who is a doll. Plus I will be Sister Hoopes Sister training leader so that means I get to go on exchanges with her! Woot woot!

It has been completely terrible saying goodbye to all of my friends here in the Dover area though. I love all of these people so so much. I feel so grateful that I have so many new friends here and for all of the wonderful experiences I have had.

I ended the week on a great note though, getting to video chat with my wonderful family! Haha they are as crazy as ever and so fun!

So for my spiritual thought I only find it fitting to talk about mothers,
"There is no role in life more essential and more eternal than that of motherhood." -M. Russell Ballard
"There are few things more powerful than faithful prayers of a righteous mother." -Boyd K. Packer
Mothers have been given the highest and most holy calling ever. They are essential to Gods plan of happiness.
Thank you so very much to my wonderful mother. She has done more for me then I could ever ask. She is so unconditionally loving and I would be proud to become half the women she is, if I could become just that I would be going to the Celestial kingdom for sure.

I am so grateful for my knowledge that I have of the plan of happiness. I know where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. I know that there is a purpose to life and that death is not the end. It's beginning. The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has the fullness of the gospel and the truth, which helps us make it back to Heavenly Father again.

Ahh! I love it!
And I love all of you!
Have a happy day!
Sister Dickson

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