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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Shooting some Hoopes! πŸ€

Oh my this week has been such an adventure. Sister Hoopes is so freaking fun! She is crazy it is such a blast!!

Tuesday was really hard saying goodbye to Sister Jensen. But it was ok because she has great things to do in her new area. I just knew Sister Hoopes and I were going to get along. And we do. She is literally so funny.

Wednesday was district meeting and oh my, the missionaries in this new district are a hoot.mits going to be a very fun transfer I can tell. We drove around all day and went and had lessons with the members and introduced Sister Hoopes to everyone.

Thursday Charlene did like the nicest thing ever. After our lesson she goes into the back room and comes out with this huge box full of cereal and homemade bread, toilet paper, napkins, fruits, veggies, crackers, treats, muffin mix, literally like enough food to last us 3 weeks. I just almost started bawling because I just love the Williams family so much. They have done so much for us missionaries and they just keep giving and giving. They are so stinking awesome! Last Monday our washer broke so we don't have a washer anymore and Charlene offered to let us use her washer and dryer and we can go hang with her and help her make bread and such. Haha gosh she is just so awesome!! I love them. They are all such answers to our prayers.

Saturday the Leemans, aka my favorite, invited us over to the Legions veterans baked bean dinner. It was so fun being there with a bunch of old veterans talking about hunting bears and moose and turkeys. Ya know, just your typical Mainiac conversation. Sister Leeman cracks me up because she is not shy about anything. She goes up to this one guy and is like "you need to listen to these girls. Thats why they are here. Why don't you just listen to what they have to say, the will make your life better! They make my life better!" Hahah I was laughing so hard that poor dude looked like he just wanted to hide under the table. But he ended up talking to us and we mopped the floors! When we offered to mop they wouldn't believe us. They thought we were kidding. But we weren't! So we just started mopping. They said we were crazy.
They are right. Haha but now half the town of Milo loves us so that's cool!

Sunday it was FREEZING. FREEZING COLD. Like I don't even understand why people would want to live in such miserable weather! It got to -32 degrees with the windchill. I just really was not ok with that weather. It felt like my bones were icicles. Apparently it's supposed to get up to the 50s this week. Maine weather is so weird I just don't even know how to handle it.

I got so many cute valentines from Branch members. It was so nice of them to think of me. We had lunch with the Atwater family and they had the table decorated all pink and lovey. It was the best thing ever. I have a pic so I will send it! Sister call gave us yummy sugar cookies. And Tyler gave me and owl chocolate. Haha Man, I just love all the members here. They know me so well.

So time for my spiritual thought!!
It's all about trusting in God. Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding."
Easier said then done. But let me give you an example. So on Wednesday we went to go contact a referral we received and he wasn't home. So we start driving down the road heading to our next appointment. Then I got the feeling that we needed to start tracting this road.
And I was like no.
And the Spirit was like yes.
And I was like no, it's too cold.
And He was like I don't care.
And I was like the houses are too far apart.
And He was like well I thought you wanted to lose weight.
And I was like I really don't want to.
And He was like I don't care.
And I was like NO!
And He was like just do it now already!
So I was like fine. "Sister Hoopes, I guess we are going tracting!"
So I pulled into the first dooryard (otherwise known as a driveway to the rest of the world) and I didn't even bring my bag with me cuz I just knew that no one was gonna let us in cuz no one ever lets us in.
Well we knocked.
Then a cute little old man named Waldo let us in.
We taught him the restoration and the Spirit was so strong in that lesson.

Slap slap to the face!

I told you so the, Spirit whispered to me, trust in God and stop arguing with me.
Ok I said. I'm sorry.
Guys, we really need to just trust God and we need to do what He asks us to do. He knows what is best and He will never lead us astray.
So lets take Nike's advice and just do it.

I love you all
Thanks for your love and support.
The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints it so true. I know it is. I have seen to many miracles to say that it's not. Plus I would never say that because it is.
Have a happy week and stay warm love bugs!
Sister Dickson

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