Monday, February 15, 2016

One door closes, another one opens

AHHHH!!! So much craziness is happening right now I just don't even know what to do with myself.

This whole week has been like just too amazing.

So I guess I will get to the good stuff. I'm not being transferred thank goodness.
But.. Sister Jensen is. Ahh!! No. Just no. Rip my heart out and feed it to the wolves why don't ya, President Stoker!

They have changed transfer calls. It used to be that we would get a call Saturday night and just know if we were being transferred or not. Then on Tuesday we would find out where and who we were going to. Now we get the call Saturday night and then Sunday we get to know where we are going and who we are going to be with.

I am debating whether or not to tell you all who my new companion is or if I should just wait until next week... Hmmm.. We will see how I feel about it later.

Tuesday we had our Book of Mormon study class that we teach with the Elders. Ashley finally came to it and I felt like she was teaching the class and not us. It's so cool to see  the gospel change her life for the better. We were busy all day Tuesday going from appointment to appointment. It was so cool!!

Wednesday at district meeting was like the saddest thing ever. Our whole district stayed together for two transfers and we have become like this big family. It's very unusual that a whole district stays the same for two transfers, but it happened! We all knew everyone was going to be all split up so we were all talking about memories and saying goodbye. Ah! It was so sad! It was like breaking up with 7 people all at the same time. We were signing each other's notebooks like it was the last day of school or something. Haha it was like High School Musical 3.. Mormon missionary edition.

Who would of thought that complete unknown strangers could become your family in such a short amount of time.

Thursday we did our usual service at the food cupboard. We got lots of pictures with everyone we volunteer with, don't worry I will send those pics! Hopefully. Then we went and had quesadillas at Charlene and Pauls. You see, Paul is from Arizona so they know what really Mexican food is, it was fabulous.

Friday it snowed like crazy!! We got some pretty cute pictures in the snow! Then in the afternoon we went and picked up Kyla, a member from our branch, who is 16. She came on a mini mission with us and it was so fun! She did great for just being thrown into mission life with no warning. Haha I didn't realize how strange our life style is until that mini mission. I didn't really pay attention to the fact that we literally pray 30-40 times a day and that we literally never stop going. Read scriptures for an hour, and go into complete strangers homes. We sing hymns all the time, even for fun and listen to MoTab. We make lame missionary jokes and talk about how to get people to come to church.

We are so weird.. It's AWESOME!
I never thought I would love being completely weird so much.

Saturday we went to the cow farm. I got to herd cows into the lines so they could be milked. I even had a cow-herding stick thing and everything. It was yellow.

Then the call came... The transfer call. I have a video of it. It might send it might not, wifi here in the middle of no where is pretty sketchy so sorry if it doesn't send.

Sunday was church. Obviously. Ashley came and bore her testimony. She read a poem she wrote about Christ. It was so so good!!! Bonus points to us! Woo! Then Sister Jensen went up and bore her testimony, it was so sweet and the Spirit was so strong. Even when a kid in the congregation was throwing up all over the place. Yeah.. You read me. It was a pretty eventful day at church.

Hmm.. I still don't know how I feel about telling you all about who my new companion is.. I'll keeping pondering on it.

So shout out to the Barger's right now, awhile back the sent me this little card that says the 10 golden rules of missionary work. I read it everyday and one of them is to never underestimate the power of goals backed by positive action. THIS IS SO TRUE.

A good example of that is the recent convert temple trip that we had a few weeks ago. We had a goal that was big and seemed pretty impossible. A 5 hour trip to the Boston temple is a huge sacrifice. It's an all day event and pretty pricey especially for some people here who are not in the best financial boat. But as we set our goal and made plans and worked with all of the members and put faith in God, it happened. And wonderful miracles happened from it. This extraordinary miracle was even mentioned in the Bangor stake presidency meeting where a general authority was present.

Pretty neat, huh?

What is something that you want? Set a goal, make plans and follow those plans positively and you will see miracles. "..but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.." (Alma 37:6) "But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible."(Matthew 19:26)
I know that this is true and I testify that to you as an official representative of the church and in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Nothing is ever too hard, or impossible. As long as it's good and full of faith in Christ, it is possible.

Oh man, do you feel the Spirit? I do! All of this is just so stinking cool!! Eeeep! I love it!

And I love you!

Well since I am feeling the Spirit and am in a super happy mood, I guess I will tell you who my new companion is. Her name is Sister Hoopes and she is coming her from Ellsworth, which was Sister Jensen's last area. She just got don't training last transfer and from what everyone tells me she is so fun! I sat by her last transfer at zone conference and got to know her a little bit. She is American but her family lives in Germany. So I am excited to see her. I am sad that Sister Jensen is going but she is going to love her new area. She will be in Cornish and her apartment is in New Hampshire and she has a mall in her area. So I know she will just be in heaven that lucky lucky lady. Oh yeah and guess what?!? Sister Bee is going to be her new Sister Training leader!! So that means I will be able to see all of them at zone conference in a few weeks!!! EEEEEP! It'll be so fun!!

All is well
Have a happy week
Bye!! 😘

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