Monday, September 28, 2015

Up and down turn it around

This week was a roller coaster of beautiful and miraculous things mixed in with a few crazy and ridiculous things as well.

Sad story, Sister Bee has been pretty sick this week with a cold. Thank goodness for cold medicine, but we still got so much work done this week! She is a trooper!

We got a TIWI in our car. A TIWI is basically the voice of Satan that yells us when we are speeding, driving aggressively, how many miles we drive, and if we aren't wearing seat belts. It's a good tool though because it will avoid wrecks and keep us safe! Even though it's scary.

On Tuesday we packed a lunch and had a picnic at the park. Before we ate we drew the Plan of Salvation in sidewalk chalk. We explained it to a family and they loved it! Though they were set in their religion we gave them a Book of Mormon and our information, so hopefully they will feel the spirit and want to learn more eventually!

We were blessed with being able to teach 8 people this week. Now, that's very high for this area. I know that God blessed us because of our endurance of all the no's and for all the hard work we put in.

One man told us we could teach him after we burned more women on stakes. He was trying to make a point or something, I don't know it didn't really make sense. #wrongreligion bro. Sister Bee and I couldn't help but laugh. I mean if you're going to try and insult us at least come up with something good.

We went and did service at a members house Saturday morning. I'm sad to say I didn't take pictures because everyone was too busy helping. We pulled out these huge weeds around her pond. It took three hours and oh my gosh I am so sore! I did get to touch a frog though and she fed us very yummy food after. I really enjoy going there. Their house has a very homey feel to it and I have been there so much I feel like I am a part of their family. Thank goodness for good people.

We also did service at the first parish Congregational church. They were having a spaghetti dinner so we went and helped served deserts. Man I love those people, they were so kind. They asked so many questions about our religion and they gave us some spaghetti after! Which was such a blessing because we were running low on food. One lady told us we were great representations of our church. It almost brought me to tears because of how kind that was. I am really striving to represent Christ in a way that He would be proud so I am grateful for that tender mercy.

We went tracting one night and knocked on the wrong door... He opened the door and looked right at our name tags and said "ah, the church of latter day snakes." I remember thinking in my head, oh man this is gonna be one long lecture. He told us he knew more about our church then we did. He said we were brainwashed and that we were a cult and told us that us and our families needed to get out before it was too late. Whatever that means. We just stood there and stared at him as he tried to pick a fight with us. We said, "well ok you have a good day then." He jumped in front of us so we couldn't leave and continued to try and get us to argue with him. We just stood there and didn't say anything. Eventually he said "well is that it?" We nodded and said have a good day again and walked over to the next house. Now don't get me wrong.. I was not afraid of this man one bit, I could have killed him just by sitting on him and he was so uneducated about our religion it took everything I had not to laugh in his face. But I did gain something very valuable from that experience, while he was going on about science and how evil we were, I could feel the spirit testifying so strongly in my heart that we are doing the right thing. This church is good and true. I could feel God's love for me as He protected us physically and spiritually. But what God did also was fill my heart with love and compassion for this man, trust me I will never go back to that house, but I found myself praying for him. Begging God to help him find truth and happiness in his life.

Now I am not bragging. I am no where near perfect and I give no credit for that. I tell you this because I want all of you to know that God can make us into the people we want to be when we let Him. He made me more compassionate and caring, especially to those who aren't kind back to me. He has worked with me and has helped me grow and change so much. I am so blessed for that and I could not be more grateful.

What's something you need to work on? Is it kindness? Tolerance? Patience? Love? Acceptance? Greed? Well I want to challenge you all to find out what that is and give it to God. Ask Him for help and let Him help you change and grow. Remember, with God all things are possible.

God loves you all lovely doveys,
And so do I 😘
Have a fabulous week!

Sister Dickson


Lunch at the Park

Leaves are barely starting to change

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