Monday, September 14, 2015


So this week... It happened.. The moment every missionary dreads.. The
nightmare that every missionary and future missionary wakes up to in a
cold sweat. Yeah.. You guessed it, I am talking about bible bashers.
*Que the scary music with violins*

But first to keep you all in suspense lets talk about some fun things
that happened this week. On Saturday we went to a members fifth
Birthday party! We went on our lunch break and oh my gosh they are
rich. They had a blow up fun house that was a bouncy house then turned
into a water slide and a huge pool with tons of food and fun! It was
pretty fun! The members here are so awesome and kind! I am so happy
they invited us.

We got a new investigator this week! Woot woot! He is awesome and so
kind. He really wants to be involved in church so he is pretty much
golden.. We are so blessed here.

So let's get on with the bible bashers now shall we... So Sister Bee
and I were out tracting (shocker I know) when we knocked on this house
and the nicest lady answered. She was so kind and invited us to sit
down in her backyard to talk. After a second her father walks out and
sits down too. We continue to share a little bit about the gospel and
they start asking us question.. Hard questions that made no sense.
They used big English words that we didn't understand and Then they
started quoting (incorrectly translated) bible verses at us left and
right. Saying how the Book of Mormon is apostate and everyone is going
to heaven just because and that we don't have agency and that we don't
chose if God loves us...and wait for it... They believed that God does
not love everyone. That he hates certain people and has damned them to
hell before they were even born.
So imagine me in all innocence sitting there completely confused out
of mind and dumbfounded. All we could do was bare our testimonies. So
that's what I did, my sweet and simple but very solid testimony on our
loving Heavenly Father and His true church. Sister Bee also did the
same. I thought that it would soften their hearts a bit to at least
show us a little bit of respect but after that he took my testimony
and grabbed it in his hands and crumpled it, stomped on it, tore it
apart and spat on it. He said to us "you can't be so stupid as to just
go off your feelings. I once had a religion too and I am glad to point
out all out all the contradictions in yours so you won't waist your
time anymore." We left that house because there was nothing else we
could do. We walked away while those two people stood there, feeling
like the winners, and walked right to their neighbors house and
knocked on that door right in front of them. They didn't win.
That night I went home and found the answers to every single question
and "contradiction" they had "pointed out to us". And because of that
experience my testimony grew even stronger then it was before.
In their pathetic attempt to destroy everything I held dear and
precious to my heart, I didn't let that win. I went and found the
answers and became stronger. So thank you to them! Because of them I
know once more that this is the true church. That Joseph Smith is a
true prophet that restored Christ's church. That the Book of Mormon is
the word of God, and is true. And because of them I know more and more
that if I have any questions or doubts, I can always find the answer
though the scriptures and prophets.
So righteousness wins again ladies and gentlemen.. Woo hoo go us!

Do you have any doubts or question? Is so, please search the
scriptures and prophets for answers, I promise you that you will find

Stay golden pony boy and remember that God loves you, and he loves all
his children.

And I love you all too!
Love, Sister Dickson

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