Monday, September 21, 2015

Old lady am I!

Hey hey hey!

This week not really too much happened. We had zone conference on Wednesday and it was so good. It was all about the Book of Mormon. President Stoker gave us quotes and proof that the Book of Mormon is true. It was a 5 hour long conference and oh my gosh I loved every second of it. The conference was at the stake center in Exeter, New Hampshire. The Georgetown ward was the one who fed us and man they went all out with tacos and salad and fruit and ice cream. They had everything decorated all fancy and nice. The members here are so wonderful to us missionaries. 

Sad news is that I got sick during the last hour of the conference. Thank goodness all I had to do was sit and listen so it wasn't too bad but when I got back to the apartment I was so sick. So all day Thursday we stayed in because I could barely even stand. We did everything we could to still be productive even though I felt like a got hit by a truck. We made a potential list of people to check up on with some old progress records back in 2006 and made a daily goal chart. Friday we went out because I was feeling a little better but it was hard to go out and work because of how weak I was. I got a blessing that night from our ward mission leader and on Sunday I felt like me again. 

Priesthood blessings are wonderful! 

So time for some funny and kind of depressing stories. We went to a members sons birthday party last Saturday during our lunch break and an old lady asked me if I was Sister Bee's mom. I am still pretty traumatized by that situation. Mom.. Send me some anti wrinkle cream ASAP. 

I got ATTACKED by mosquitoes and I have 20 (not even exaggerating 20 freaking HUGE bites) bug bites. All your folks in Utah don't even know what bugs really are until you come here. I even got bite underneath my eyeball. Mosquitoes are everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Let's just say I went and got me some heavy duty bug spray. 


So there is this four year old boy in our ward who is just a hoot. And he loves the sister missionaries! Every time he sees us he screams "yes! It's the sisters!" And he will run to us and give us the biggest hug. He is so cute. Well one day he comes up to me and in all seriousness looks me dead in the eye and says with the most blank expression and flat voice tone, "peeing is for the woods, but pooping is for inside." Then he just walked away. And that ladies and gentlemen is my spiritual thought for you all today. Never could have said it better myself. 

Well! Have a fabulous week wear bug spray, don't forget your anti aging cream, and don't poop in the woods! 

God is real
This gospel is so true and so wonderful.
We can find tender mercies of the Lord every single day,
All you have to do is open your eyes and see them.

God loves ya 
And so do i😀

Sister Dickson

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