Monday, August 31, 2015

Glory glory hallelujah

Glory glory glory hallelujah! Why am I singing you may ask? Because we got the car back! Y to the E to the S I am so happy! 

So tomorrow is my two month mark... Weird huh? Time has gone by very quickly. It's pretty neat. I try and look back at the time I've had and how much I love being a missionary instead of thinking that I have 16 more months to go... Because that's torture. Hahah 

This week I have seen some pretty miraculous miracles! 

But first lets talk about some useless and funny things! We had a homeless lady come and talk to us about how she is trying to find a way to never die. I would go into more details but my brain kind of shut off so I really can't recall anything else other then that. 

We were driving to Dover on Saturday and passed a fair that was going on. So we went and pulled over and went street contacting for a few minutes. It was an Indonesia festival and they had tons of fried food and free activities for everyone to do. I guess Indonesia pays people to come to America and advertise Indonesia. It was pretty interesting and we passed out cards. One girl kept asking sister Bee questions so that was great! 

We met a lot of normal people this week, which was odd so I don't really have any weird stories. It's so weird because one week I feel like I am in America with normal and nice people.. Then the next it's like a completely different world and people. 

Miracles for days.
Last Monday we had only one member meal, which we were kind of worried about because we are poor. We thought we would be living off ham sandwiches for days. But everyday we had a member text us and ask if we wanted to come have dinner that night. We were fed every single day. It was awesome! This ward really is so great. I have grown to love all of them so much. 
We have a baptism date! Woooooohooooo! Our sweet golden investigator Debbie has a date for September 26!!! Holy cow holy cow I am so pumped! We also met some really great potentials and have return appointments with all of them! So pray all goes well with those wonderful people. 

So this week in district meeting we talked on how the Book of Mormon is the keystone to our religion. Man oh man I have loved getting to read the Book of Mormon everyday! Before I never really understood what the heck was going on. But God has blessed me with this amazing power to actually be able to understand what I am reading! This Book is AMAZING. I want to challenge all of you to go read Alma 7 this week. This chapter talks about the savior and his atonement. Go and circle all the things the Savior has suffered for us and learn on how you can apply the atonement to your life. It's all in there and if you going looking for an answer to a question or need help or comfort, go to Alma 7. I promise you that you will find what you need if you dig into it like a velvety chocolate cake of fudgey wonderful delicious heaven.
Remember to eat it all up and enjoy every minute.

This next week is gonna rock for all of us! Woohoo!
Remember that God is real. 
Miracles happen everyday
We are never alone
God loves you

And so do I 
Love, sister Dickson 

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