Monday, August 17, 2015

Miracles are a comin our way!

I freaking love being a missionary.
It's so cool.
It's hard, and most of the time I want to scream into my pillow for
the whole day, but there is no where I would rather be than here.

So funny stories... Hmmm.. Where do I start. So one day Sister Bee and
I were walking down a street when all of the sudden we hear a voice
from behind us say "are you the Mormons?" We turned around so fast I
gave myself whip lash. Turns out this man has been taking discussions
with missionaries in the part of Dover that's not in my area. "I love
the Mormons! I am the Mormon daddy" he said in his Dominican
republican accent. Then he ran into his truck and gave us popcorn.
Haha it was the strangest but most wonderful thing ever! Here is the
corn we got from him!

So some really cool things happened this week. On Saturday we got to go to the North Berwick Festival where we had a both all about family history. All the missionaries got to dress up as pioneers! There was a parade and fun treats and the elders went around and gave kids rides in the handcart and we got to walk around and talk to everyone we saw about family history. It was so fun. Most people here are way big into family history so our booth was a huge hit! I hope it helped to plant some seeds in there hearts!

We have had some serious miracles happen this week. I got the privilege to help a sweet sweet sister to start the stop smoking program. Holy moly is that program so inspired, our God is so cool. I have met some people where they have shared some pretty personal things with me. It's so cool being able to see these wonderful people overcome these challenges and grow closer to God. 

OH MY HECK it's just so cool I can't even explain it.

So in my personal studies I have been studying a lot on faith. What does faith mean to you? A question that has crossed my mind many times in my life is, Is this church even true? while I was studying on faith I came across this scripture in Alma 32:31 which says, "And now, behold, are ye sure that this is a good seed? I say unto you, Yea; for every seed bringeth forth unto its own likeness." So how do I know that this church is true? How do I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that Joseph Smith really is a true prophet? How do I know that I'm not just out here wasting my time? I know because I have put that scripture to the test. I know that the gospel is good and true because it has made me a better person. I know it's true because I see miracles from God EVERY SINGLE DAY. This church is a true church because it has brought hope, peace, charity, patience, kindness, and love into my life.

This is a good seed, that will bring forth marvelous fruit. I know it will because I am eating it all up right now.

To all of you who that are reading this that have doubts about the church, or are angry, or are fearful, or that just aren't active anymore.. I ask you, why? I beg you, PLEASE try this fruit. Grab it and eat it all up, because it is good, and delicious, and it will make you stronger and better.

I love you all

And God loves you and He knows you. He wants to help you and to bless you.

Just let him!

Love, Sister Dickson

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