Monday, August 24, 2015

Walked and walked and walked

I think I have walked more this week then I did when I went on trek... And oh man are my legs feeling it!

So a few weeks ago our car got backed into. No worries, the car was parked and no one was in it and the lady that hit us came and found us and was very honest. Thank goodness. So we took our car in on Tuesday to get it fixed and then tracted our way home. It took us four hours and we found out later that day that that day was the hottest and most humid day of Maine so far. Let's just say when we got back to our apartment we were drenched. We went up stairs to our only air conditioned room and sat there in front of the air conditioning for like 15 minutes. We walked everyday. Now let me tell you something about Maine/New Hampshire roads. There aren't any roads, there are pot holes. I like to joke when we get on a decent road and say, hey! Who put this road in the pot hole? And another fun fact is that the roads are like a roller coaster. There are huge hills that go up and down and up and down. Who ever designed these roads was not very good at his job and should seriously reconsider his career. So anyway, my point is that we walked every where in pot holes and up and down hills in the burning hot sun and in the pouring rain. Thank goodness for kind ward members. As we were walking a ward member stopped and gave us water bottles. He couldn't drive us cuz it's against the rules for a man to drive us alone. But it was so sweet of him to do that for us. 

We were supposed to get our car back on Friday, but of course they found "more interior damage" and said it won't be done until the middle of the week. If it's longer then that I think I might cry. Our area is big. It covers two different states! In Maine we cover Berwick and South Berwick and in New Hampshire we cover Somersworth, Rollinsford, Dover. But. We also have people in the elders area that we have to visit too so we also cover Rochester, Barrington, and Farmington. Let's just say there is a lot we need to do but we couldn't do it because we didn't have a car. 

This week has been very hard and soooo frustrating. Sister Bee and I have been working our little butts off everyday and seeing very little progress. We did get a new investigator though. She is such a sweetheart so we will see where that goes! 

It's so cool being a missionary and being able to see the love that God has for them. I love it! We were very blessed with member meals this week. We had a meal covered everyday thank goodness for these wonderful people. They are so willing to help! I love them so much. 

So transfers are tomorrow. Holy holy cow, isn't it crazy that I've already been out here for 6 weeks? It has flown by! But Sister Bee and I are safe for another transfer! We are hoping that we will stay together for 3 transfers. But we will see! It was funny because on Saturday is when they call and tell you if you're being transferred or not. Are whole district was texting each other that night making sure everyone was safe. Only one sister and one elder are leaving and we are getting two new missionaries! Im not going to be the baby anymore!! Glory glory hallelujah.

So funny story we were walking (shocker) down the street and a lady saw us and yelled to us God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ amen. Then we saw her again and she did the same thing. Haha we talked to her for a minute. She doesn't believe anyone needs religion so we didn't get to teach her but we can count on her yelling at us each time we see her! Haha 

We were tracting on Thursday (double shocker) and we knocked on this extremely nice guys house. He asked us how the people here were and we were like they are pretty great, and he was like nah.. They are pretty weird. Haha I couldn't help myself I laughed soooo hard! It's so true. The people here are weird. I can't quite put my finger on why everyone is so weird, it could be the fact that we are pretty sure weed is legal here. Or the obsession with cats and really nasty pizza. I don't know, but don't get me wrong, nothing is wrong with their weirdness, it's hilarious and I love every single one of them. 

So not too much happened this week, just a ton of walking. So Sister Bee and I definitely had to talk a lot to help keep or spirits high and cheerful, even though we were slowing dying inside. We laughed a lot this week. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my whole life before this week. Thanks goodness for that. So I found a scripture on laughing. It's Genius 21:6 "And Sarah said, God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me." So if you so sadly have a hard week just remember that God wants us to laugh and be cheerful. He wants us to have joy and to enjoy the ride. 

A laugh and a smile can fix anything. The ultimate bandage. 

Remember that you are a child of God.
He loves you! 
And so do I

Laugh on
Sister Dickson 

Our neighbors left 500 beer boxes in front of our door as a joke I think.

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