Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The green... And the blue

What is up my home dawgs..
Haha I really think I am a lot funnier than I really am.
Ha just kidding I am hilarious!!

Anyways, this week has been... Interesting. A lot of weird things have happened and a lot of hard things have happened and a lot of really marvelous things have happened. 

Let's start with the funny and weird things shall we?! First of all.. I will never understand why there is so much lack of clothing. Lots of people like to answer the door with either no pants or no shirt. We have only had one person come to the door completely naked. He was like 7.. But oh my gosh.. So much nakedness! Don't get me wrong I am not complaining about this. It's actually pretty hilarious! I get it, cuz it has been hot lately. Nothing like Utah hot. The high here is in the 80s. So the temperature isn't bad at all. It's the humidity. I am literally wet. All the time. And it's not sweat. Which is the weirdest feeling ever. So yeah, I get the nakedness. 
Anyways funny story number two! So our zone leader bakes the best brownies. Last week he made brownies for zone meeting and oh. My. Gosh. They were soooo good. So when we had district meeting this week I was so happy when I saw that he made brownies again. Expect this time they looked.. Different. They were really dark. They were like black. I was like what the heck why are they black?!?! He told me it was like a really dark chocolate coco he used and I was like oh ok so I ate one. They were really good. Then later that afternoon he texted us and told us to let him now when we see the blue and green. We were like uhh... What do you mean?  So later that night I went pee and when I stood up... I freaked. My pee was BRIGHT green. It was like I'd just been to emerald city and back. So long story short, he put this weird dye in the brownies that turns your pee green or blue. Can any of you think of ways to get this punk back? Haha we need something good! Funny thing number 3 is that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is obsessed with cats here. Now, I'm not saying that's a bad thing.. But it's pretty funny. Everyone has a cat or 2 or 8 and those things are treated like they are God's gift to this earth. And they know it too. Cat sweaters, posters, pictures, toys, statues, cat anything you can imagine. 

Some exciting news is that the elders are having a baptism on Saturday for the sweetest lady ever. I am so excited for it. These elders work so hard and this sweet daughter of God is so ready to be baptized and here it finally is! I'll send pictures of that day next Monday! It's gonna be great! 

So let's get down to the deep stuff. This week was hard. Sister Bee and I would go out and work our little tails off, but the work was going no where. Everyone was too busy, or all set, or were catholic. And we felt like we were never going to be able to find anyone to teach. 
We had the new missionary training meeting on Thursday and President Stoker talked a lot about having faith in the Lord. He said that you've got to go out and do your part and expect great things to happen. He also talked on exact obedience and how that will help us have more faith and trust in God. So that's what we did. We got the thought out of our minds that this land is impossible to teach and we told ourselves that we are going to change that and baptize the whole dang nation! We brought that brand new missionary fire back in our hearts and we went out and did. 

Can you guess what happened? We got 5 return appointments and we taught two lessons and then (drum roll please) we were able to set up TWO baptism dates for August 15.

All we had to do is have faith. Because this is God's work. And he knows exactly what he is doing. 

This really reminded me of how powerful a positive attitude is and a whole lot of faith. 

What is something that you're struggling with right now? Do you have it in your mind? 
Now think really hard about that terrible awful hard thing that just isn't fair. Think really really hard. 

Now give it to God. Just give it to him. 

Change your attitude and change the things you can control and then leave the rest up to him. Because he knows exactly what he is doing. And you can trust him. He will NOT fail you. 

God is so good
And so real.
And he loves you.

And so do I (:
Sister Dickson

Freakin Dr. Pepper Licorice 

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