Monday, October 12, 2015

Come what may and love it

Hello loved ones!

This week has been a hard week but not a bad week.

We went apple picking on Tuesday for a sweet lady in the Ward, which was very fun except I got scratches all over. #battlewounds

This week was the last district meeting of the transfer and now everything is going to change. *sound the trumpets playing sad music* I've really enjoyed my district but I am excited to be able to meet new people. 

Hallelujah I am safe in Somersworth for at least one more transfer.. Unfortunately Sister Bee is leaving and I am getting a new companion. Do you all remember the lady in my very first email who I met at the airport and is in the Ward? Well she has a very sarcastic, yet very scary sense of humor and she came up to me a week ago while we were talking about how we hoped that Sister Bee wouldn't get transferred, and gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear "Sister Bee is leaving and you are going to get a companion who is crazier then me." *scary violin music* I am sure I will love my new companion just as much though!

Well unfortunately we didn't run into any crazy people this week. Sadly all of our investigators told us they were not interested anymore except for 2. So this week was a lot of walking and a lot of finding. People and their dang agency.. It's irritating! But God does have a purpose and a plan for all of us. 

I hope everyone LOVED conference as much as I did! It was so wonderful and really helped boost me spiritually. Sister Bee and I got us some treats and blankets and went and watched it in the chapel. Which was very different but it was nice because I feel like I could feel the spirit a lot better. 

So I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite highlights of conference. 
So of course Elder Uchtdorf "Am I making my discipleship too complicated?" 
Elder Ballard says questions can and will be answered through the atonement 
Neil F Marriot says Gods way leads to more permanent and everlasting happiness in this life
My favorite talk by Larry R Lawrence says be humble enough to ask the Lord what we need to do to improve and be faithful enough to put it into action
Robert D Hales says you are rich when you live happily within your means
Another favorite of mine was Jeffery R Holland who said motherhood is the love of the highest order
Hugo Montoya reminded us to smile
Our beloved prophet Thomas S Monson reminded us to be pure in heart 
Russel M Nelson made me proud to be a women 
Henry B Eyring helped us know how to have the spirit with us more
D Todd Christofferson stated that this religion is not about self,it's about helping and serving one another.
Devin G Durrant invited us to ponderize a scripture weekly
Von G Keetch told us how lucky we are to have barriers to protect and bless us
Carole M Stephens proclaimed that the commandments equals love 
David A Bednar payed loving tribute and deepened my testimony on prophets and quoted "Come what may and love it" 

I know that's a lot of highlights but it was so hard to narrow it all down, I loved conference so much! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. 

Well that pretty much sums up my week! I have a feeling that next week will be quit an adventure. Adventure is out there! 

I will leave you all with a little testimony this week that I will forever be grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it's true and amazing things are going to be happening! 
Stay true
Remember that God loves you
And so do I 
(Even though His love is better)

Love, Sister Dickson 

Colored Sis Bee's Hair



Final District Meeting

Final District Meeting

Tracting in the rain

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