Monday, October 26, 2015

Walk eat work potty sleep (maybe) work 💗

This week we just worked our little toushies off.

First of all its starting to get very cold. No we didn't get any snow in my area but it has been cold. The weather has been mean this week. It keeps trying to trick me into thinking it's nice and warm and sunny out, but once I step out its like BAM a wall of cold and misery hits me. Sister Maxwell keeps telling me to just wait because it's gonna be so much worse. 😭😱😰

So the goal for our mission in 2015 is to rescue 1000 people. And I order for that to be possible that mean we need to rescue 67 people in our zone y the end of the transfer. Which means our area needs to get 11 people. Rescues are either baptisms or reactivating a less active member. So we have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to find people who are prepared to hear the Word. 👊🏻

We got a new investigator this week which is awesome! She is so normal and nice it's awesome! And we are going to be working with 4 less actives so this is a totally realistic goal that I know we can make with the Lords help of course.

This week was the Exeter Stake Conference (which is the stake I am in right now in case any were confused) and man oh man was it FABULOUS! We got to go to the adult session on Saturday night where Kim B. Clark of the Seventy came and talked to us about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. Then on Sunday he talked to us again about how forgiving and letting go of anger will bring us closer to God and make us happier.

I would like to focus a little in what he said on Saturday night. He read the parable of the use man who built his house upon the rock. The rock is Christ, the Foundation is our covenants, and the house is our daily lives. We talked about how we have to maintain our foundation so our house will stay strong and tall and so we won't fall off of the rock of Christ. We talked on how keeping the Sabbath Day holy and partaking of the sacrament are some ways we can maintain our foundation.

Besides the obvious pray and read your scriptures, what are some other ways you can maintain your foundation? Get down on your knees and ask your Heavenly Father with true intent to do those things He wants you to and He will tell you. One thing I have been trying to do to maintain my foundation is to pray and ask if the things I have studied and taught are true at the end of each day. Not because I don't know that they are true, because they are, but to help rekindle and reassure that I am doing what He wants me to do. I can feel myself growing closer to him and it's awesome!

So there is my invitation to you this week. Ask God what it is that you need to do right now to maintain and/or repair your foundation.

He will answer you because He loves you!

I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to have stronger and lasting happiness in this life and complete joy in the next. Embrace it, learn it, live it, and love it. It's so true you guys. Put the gospel to the test, I promise you will come out with a passing grade A+++

Things are going well here. Winter is a brewing and man I love hot chocolate. I am safe and happy and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now.

I love you all soooo much!
Have a great week 😘

Love, Sister Dickson 

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