Monday, October 12, 2015

Small and simple

Well, it's the day you've all been waiting for. My new companions name is Sister Maxwell and she is from Southern Utah and has been out for about a year. She's a little tiny thing and I could kill her just by sitting on her. She's very sweet and I love her much! 

Some exciting things that happened was that on Saturday we got to help out at the Somersworth pumpkin festival. We helped at the scare crow booth. It was really fun. I know I am lame and didn't take any pictures.. I'm sorry:( we were just so busy the whole entire day! The festival was really cool. It was a family centered festival and they would pay for this wristband to do all of the activities together as a family. There was cookie decorating, make a scarecrow, pumpkin painting and pumpkin carving, a pumpkin smashing booth, mini golf, and a costume judging place. They had really yummy food and a live band playing. It was way fun!

This week was a whole lot of finding and a whole lot of tracting. No new investigators yet, but no worries we will keep bugging everyone until they listen! 

The leaves here are wonderful! I am really enjoying the fall weather! It's perfecto! Our Ward is doing a service project all together. The service is making hats and scarves for local homeless shelters and safe houses. So an amazing lady in my ward who I am very close to taught me how to knit this week. So I am knitting a hat. Haha I really really really hope it turns out. Pray for me guys! I need the prayers! Haha 

I'm really sorry I really wish I had more exciting this to say. Trust me, I REALLY could us some excitement all up in here. But God apparently thinks that that's not a good idea right now. Sooo I guess I will just move right in with the spiritual thought. 

So every Sunday night we have a Book of Mormon study class with some members and I really enjoy it. I find myself understanding things in the Book of Mormon that I have never even realized before. Like in 2 Nephi 5:4 it says the the Lord warned Nephi. Same thing goes for us. We will always be warned of danger. But it is up to us to decide whether or not we can hear that warning. It got me thinking of some ways we can be more in tune with the Holy Ghost. We can study the scriptures, pray, go to church, be kind and all of those other primary answers that we are so used to hearing. Yes, those things are very simple and they have been repeated to us time and time again. But oh my goodness they are so important. I love the quote, "small efforts sustained over time can produce significant results." By Devin G. Durrant

So I would like to challenge all of you this week to pray to Heavenly Father and ask Him what you need to do to be better and then put those small and simple things into action! The Holy Ghost will be able to give you personal guidance on how you can become your very best self. 

I promise you that if you do that you will be able to see Gods hand in your life more. I know this is true because it is currently happening to me right now.

I guess it's good my letter is short and simple because it goes well with my letter! I totally planned that. 

God is real.
There is no way He's not real because too many miracles happen everyday. 
Look for those miracles
And remember that He loves you.
And so do I
Even though His love is better.

Have a great week and be safe my lovely cupcakes 😘
Love, Sister Dickson

Ps here is a pic of Sister Maxwell and me

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