Sunday, April 3, 2016

Well.. It's been a week

This week was just an up and down roller coaster of complete weirdness sprinkled with miracles and joy.

But that's not anything new because that is basically the definition of missionary work.

On Tuesday we went over to a members house and went to help with their sheep. Their sheep had little lambs the day before so we got to bottle feed the little runt who was rejected by his momma. :( isn't that so sad?? Poor little lamb, he is fine though because we gave him lots of loving.
Tuesday was a finding day. We were in Brownville, Maine so we went and tried to contact all the names in our area book that we didn't recognize in that area. We met a lot of really nice (but not interested in learning more about their future salvation and eternal happiness for some odd reason) people. Including one lady who I am pretty sure was not fully accountable. She let us (us being two random strange girls she's never met before) in her apartment and continued to tell us every single small detail of her life, that I don't think any other person would even tell their own doctor.

Wednesday was another really good district meeting in Newport. I'm trying to think of some other really excited things that happened between Wednesday and Saturday, but there isn't really anything. We taught lessons, tried to contact people we didn't know, and we felt the Spirit. But all of the investigators we have had are kind of falling off the face of the planet so we have been trying very hard to find new investigators. None yet but we have a few really promising potentials so more news on that in next weeks letter- hopefully.

Saturday we went to the cow farm and helped with all the babies. So what I am about to tell you all is way sad so brace yourselves. There was one little calf who was born on Thursday who was really really sick. So we went out to try and bottle feed her and make sure she was nice and warm under the heat lamp, but she wouldn't eat. So we went and got Brother Bissell and he made some medicine for her to drink and a shot with some antibiotics to give her. So we followed him over to the calf barn and tried our best to help the poor little thing.. But then she died. :( IT WAS SOOOOO SAD!! I never thought I would ever have to endure watching a baby cow die.. But I did and now I am sad. But now that cute little cow is up in the green pasture in the sky with Heavenly Father.

Well.. On a happier note we had two less actives come to church on Sunday which was such a tender mercy since no one, we thought would come, came. We are also working with another less active who has decided she wants to get her life together and come back to church, so we are excited for that!

Since it was fast Sunday we took our lunch and dinner hour at the same time that night and we made popcorn and brownies and watched Mormon messages. Haha it was the pretty fun.

Well... That's about it for this week but now it's time for the Spiritual thought.
It's all about the Savior. So many have disrespected Him. They spit on Him. Mock Him. Use His name as a curse word. It completely breaks my heart. I wonder how He feels when His brothers and sisters reject His love. If I was Him I would probably get frustrated and say fine and zap them with lightening or something. But He doesn't do that. He doesn't get angry or hate us. He probably wipes away a tear or two and then stretches His hand out even farther to grab ahold of us when we finally reach up to Him.

And the most beautiful thing ever, is that His hand will always be there. He will never reach back, He will always be reaching out as far as He can hoping we will trust Him. No matter what we have done, or house deep the hole we dug is. 2 Nephi 19:12 "...For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still."

And let me tell you how wonderful it is when you finally grab on. He brings so much joy and peace and comfort.

Love you all!!
Have a happy day!
Sister Dickson

PS I am so very sorry, I did take a lot of pictures this week, but they are all on my camera and I didn't bring the cord to put them on the computer so I will send them all this week!! So sorry!

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