Sunday, April 3, 2016

From City Girl, to Mainiac, to cow girl, to Indiana Jones, to cow surgeon

This week was literally the BEST!

First of all, zone conference was on Tuesday and it was so fun to see all of the friends I have made! Sister Bee, Sister Jensen, Sister Rodgerson, and Sister Watson were all there! Ah man, it was SO fun!

We learned at zone conference the importance of keeping the Sabbath Day holy and how we can help investigators and members to be strengthened in their conversion to the gospel by living the gospel everyday, not just on Sunday's. I will now share with you some awesome quotes from zone conference.
"If you don't set your priorities then satan will set them for you." Elder Seamons
"Wake up!! Don't waste time and enjoy and love every moment of your mission." Sister Hawkes (Thessalonians 5:5-6)
"Are you going through your mission, or is your mission going through you?" President Stoker
"Faith of multiple people can bring about mighty miracles and magnify the power of our testimonies" Pres. Stoker
"Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death" Sister Stoker
"Missionary work is professional friend making" Sister Harman
"Kill the natural man!!!" Elder Alcarion

They also had homemade Cafe Rio for lunch their.. So there I was sitting with some of my best friends eating Cafe Rio, feeling the Spirit and looking hecka cute! It was the best!!!

Wednesday we were in Bangor all day for exchanges with the Sister training leaders and I was with Sister Harman. She is a fiery red head and oh my heck she is literally the funniest girl I have ever met before!! We only got lost a few times and we only met a few crazy people. Haha it was such a fun day.

Thursday I helped give a cow stomach surgery on the farm. Yupp.. You read me right. Cow stomach surgery. It was literally the NASTIEST thing I have EVER seen in my whole freaking life. Yucky yucky yucky!!
So what happened was that one of the cows 5 stomachs was twisted all jankie. So they   gave the cow a sedative and then tipped the cow over... Hahahaha cow tipping.. Haha..
Then I had to help hold the cow so it wouldn't roll over while the vet poked two HUGE needles into its stomach and then Sister Hoopes pressed down on the stomach and all this nasty liquid crap started shooting out of the needles. It stunk so bad. Then they had to give it an IV and give it glucose and it was so nasty watching the vet put that one in.

It was pretty much the coolest thing I think I have ever done. Plus there was a little baby just an hour before we got there! She was all yet and couldn't stand up Brother Bissell's daughter in law was blow drying her! She was so stinking cute!!

Saturday was the women's conference and we got a ride with a member down to Bangor to watch it there. They had a yummy dinner before and some fun activities. Our job was to sort out all the jelly beans by color. Women's conference was soooo good!!! I love this church. If you didn't get the chance to watch to oh my gosh go watch it right now!! It was all about service and how you won't find your self until you lose yourself. I definitely know that is true!

Easter Sunday was so fun! Everybody kept giving us the cutest Easter things. I wasn't too sad at all being away from family, even though I miss you all, but I have learned so much about Easter and the true meaning of it. I feel like I have grown so closer to my Savior. Because of Him we will ALL be resurrected and live again with a perfect body. I am so so grateful for Him.
We had two Easter Dinners. One with our landlords family (who we had Christmas and thanksgiving dinner with too) and then another family. Everybody is so sweet I am so grateful that I get to stay here for another transfer!!

Oh yeah.. Transfers.. Sister Hoopes and I are staying again for another 6 weeks!! Woo hoo! But some crazy stuff is happening in our district. They are taking the sisters in Skowhegan out and putting in elders. So that means sister Hoopes and I are going to be the only sisters in our district... Haha so I can definitely tell this upcoming transfer is going to be a crazy one.

Spiritual thought!!!
It's about the commandment that Jesus Christ gave to all of us to always remember Him. Before my mission I thought that we were suppose to remember Him so that we would remember not to do anything bad, or to be thankful for the sacrifice that He made for all of us-and while I believe those things are true-that commandment to Always Remember is so much more then what we think it is. That phase is repeated in the Book of Mormon 59 times. So it is pretty freaking important.
We need to remember Him always, so that we will always be reminded that He has never and will never forget us. That He has always remembered us, that He suffered and died for us each individually and personally.
We are never alone,
Never forgotten,
Always loved,
And forever remembered by Him who so easily forgives and helps us with EVERYTHING.

Ahh.. It's like a breath of fresh air every time I remember Him.

Have a fantastic week my love bugs!
I love you all!!
Stay safe
Sister Dickson

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