Sunday, April 3, 2016

This whole mission thing is just going by way too fast..

Hello my love bugs.

OH MY GOODNESS I JUST LOVE ALL OF YOU SO FREAKING MUCH!!! I can't even handle how much I love every single one of you that is reading this email right now! I legit have the best family/friends EVER! Thank you so much for all of your love and support.

I love Maine! The sunsets here are the best ever. Forget them western sunsets because Maine is literally where God paints the sky. Sister Hoopes, the scriptures, the wonderful members here and sunsets I feel are the only thing that are keeping me sane.

People come to Maine to get away from people. People come to Milo to get away from the people who are trying to get away from people. In other words, nobody here really likes people. Which is difficult for me because I literally want to hug and love and talk everyone, but they done really like us. Haha oh well.

So it warmed up quite a bit this week. It was in the 40s and 50s. Oh gosh do you here me.. I can't believe that I think 45 degree weather is warm! But I didn't where a jacket so I guess my body is used to it.

Well on Tuesday it was like in the 50s all day and it was BEAUTIFUL outside!! People actually started coming out of their houses! I never thought I would see people walking out on the street in this small little town. But it wasn't what I expected. We were diving down the street and it literally felt like we were right in the middle of an episode of the Walking Dead. I guess that happens when you go in your house in September and don't come out until March. I guess now I can say in have lived through the zombie apocalypse.

So let's do some math with each other for a moment. Let's see if you can all get this math word problem correct. If you live in Maine in the winter and it snows 20 inches that season about how many pairs of shoes will you ruin walking on the muddy roads?
A. 60
B. 17
C. 45
D. None because you have an awesome member in the branch you serve in who took you to Bangor last Monday so you could get some rain boots. Except all of Bangor for some reason doesn't have size 10 rain boots so you went back to your muddy town empty handed. But then Charlene orders super cute owl rain boots for a ridiculously cheap price from Amazon and ships them to your apartment because you forgot to ask your mom to send you some while emailing and you can't go online.

The answer is D for those of you wondering.

Well anyways it was a sunny and joyful week of all of our plans and appointments falling through and canceling! Man, it's just the best when that happens because that means that Heavenly Father needs you to do something else.
So on Thursday I slipped on my owl rain boots and Sister Hoopes slipped on her sparkly rain boots and we went out in the warmth and passed out cards prompting the new Easter video #hallelujah for two hours and we made sure to jump in every single mud/rain puddle we saw.

Well the glorious 50 degree weather didn't last very long at all because it has snowed about 3 inches.

I really do not like the cold. Not even a little bit nope.

So when I came out on my mission I had to learn a whole new language. "Missionary Language" which I will teach you a little bit about now. So when you first come out in a mission you are "born". And when you are go home off your mission you "die". So one of the zone leaders name is Elder Cook and he is dying next week. So we had to come up with a really good way to kill him off. So we decided to sacrifice him after district meeting on Wednesday. So we went to the good old primary room and found some rope and tied him up and grabbed various kitchen utensils and I got to draw fire on the white board. Don't worry I have pictures!!

Well I don't really have any crazy stories that happened this week. We helped make quilts, contacted a bunch of people who aren't interest in eternal salvation and everlasting happiness, jumped in rain puddles, almost got stuck in the mud because of a dog, watched Sister Hoopes get out of the car and chase the dog down the muddy road which she almost got stuck in, helped cleaned a hoarders home, ate scallops for the first time, almost got killed by a diseased cat, helped clean the chapel, had custard for the first time, testified of Jesus Christ, gained a stronger testimony of the gospel and loved every single second of it.

So I guess you can say that it was a pretty good week.

Ok time for the Spiritual thought! I want to share this awesome scripture I read this week. Mosiah 14:6 All we, like sheep, have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquities of us all.

Every single one of us has made mistakes. We have said things we wish we never had, hurt someone feelings, lost the trust of someone, and sinned. We all do it. We are all lost sheep. But we have an amazing Shepard, Jesus Christ. He chose to suffer for each and every single one of us even though we and He will continue to watch over us and search for us when we wander off.

This Easter we get to celebrate Jesus Christ' resurrection, and that because of Him we will ALL be resurrected. We all can find new life in Jesus Christ. If you haven't seen the new Easter video #hallelujah go on and watch it right now! Do it right now!!

I have found new life in Jesus Christ by coming out here and being able to play a small role in helping others discover Him. I have found the happiness and complete joy He brings by serving Him all day everyday. I have seen Him work His miracles everyday and get a glimpse of the love He has for His sheep here in Maine.

How have you found new life in Jesus Christ?


Have a happy Easter!
Sister Dickson

Ps Tip of the day: don't try to drive with your car in neutral because it won't go anywhere.

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