Tuesday, July 21, 2015

We aren't in Kansas anymore Toto

Well hello hello hello my pretties!
Sorry I am emailing on a Tuesday because we switched our p day to....
(Pause for effect) I'm going to the Boston temple!!! Woohoo I am so
pumped. My lovely companion and I are sitting out front of the
Portsmouth chapel just waiting for a sweet member to come and pick us
So let's get down to the nasty. If you have a light stomach or get
grossed out easily I would skip this paragraph and go to the next. But
I am gonna talk about the plane ride here. Let's just say I got sick.
Way sick. And threw up everywhere. Thank goodness I made it to the
bathroom but that's all I made it too. So we had a layover in Detroit
ya know, and I had literally just puked all over myself but when I got
off that plane that's when I realized we aren't in good old Utah
anymore. I was saying hi to everyone and waving because that's just
what you do in Utah. They don't do that in Detroit. Everyone was
staring at me like a had four heads and only one person said hi back.
And to top off the glorious day my phone card wasn't working so i
couldn't call my family and I only had enough change to talk for two
minutes. So Imagine me, in all my cuteness, sitting in a airport with
literally the meanest people ever covered in puke and crying because
of the phone company and their hatred towards me.
That's when the miracle came. The lady I sat by (who I had recognized
from the flight we were on before) just started hugging me. For like
10 minutes and just sat there and let me cry. I was so confused. Like
who in the heck was this lady and why was she being nice to me?? I was
convinced that nobody outside of Utah was nice. But I was wrong. Way
wrong. She asked me what was wrong and I told her my little sob story
and she was like oh here is my phone. I lost it. She is truly so
christ-like. So after I got to talk to my mom and dad we sat there and
talked for awhile and she told me she was a member of our church and
that she lives in somersworth New Hampshire. Then she said I know at
least one of you will be in my ward and I said oh man I hope it's me!!
Then we ended our conversation and got on the plane where i puked for
about another hour and a half straight.
I have never loved land so much until the moment I got off that plane.
Now let's talk about New Hampshire holy cow it is beautiful. Just big
bright amazing huge trees ever!!! And cute old charming towns and
houses that are centered around history. Its amazing. And my cute
loving mission president and his darling wife did everything they
could to help me get over my sickness. Unfortunately I didn't get to
eat any of the great food sister stoker and prepared because I was so
sick, but I got a blessing and then they told me to go lay down. The
kindness of all the missionaries was over whelming.
So the next day we had our transfer meeting and to my joy and
excitement I got called to serve in the somersworth NH ward with my
amazing companion sister Bee! The Lord truly watches over us and cares
about us because I am serving in the greatest area ever! The people
here are kind. Even if they aren't interested in hearing our message
they are still so kind and caring. We had one lady answer her door and
said no she doesn't want to listen to us but offered us water. And
another lady said please don't come back but gave us some homemade
jam. Haha. People here say the phrase "I'm all set" so I here that
like 800 hundred times a day. But I've only had one guy be mean and
that's it so I will take it!
So sister Bee and are like the same person. I love her dearly she is
amazing. She's from Tremont! It's great here. We have a few potentials
but no investigators at the moment. Pretty much everyone here is
catholic. But we have a few and hopefully we can help them feel that
love and peace this gospel brings us.
This week has been the hardest yet most amazing week of my life.
I am soooo blessed. The ward members and so kind a Christ like. They
would literally drop anything to help us.
The food here sucks. The fast food restaurants are terrible and taste
completely different than the ones in Utah. Haha but the members can
cook so good! So I am blessed there.
I love you all dearly and thank you for your letters and your
encouragement. You are all wonderful.
God is real
He watches over us
He loves you
And so do I!
Love love love,
Sister Dickson

Here are some videos from Sister Dickson about her new adventure in New Hampshire!

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Finished Dinner

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