Monday, July 6, 2015

One week down, one to go!!

Hello hello hello my loved ones! i sent one email and didn't mean to send it. haha so lets try this agian.
First to start off the gospel is true. I have grown in so many ways in such a short amount of time that it even blows my mind.
So lets start with the companions, my companions name is Sister Wright. Then the other sisters that I room with are Sister Watson and Sister Robertson. I love them all dearly. I swear I know sister Watson and Robertson from somewhere. Its probably from the pre mortal existence.

Anyways there is one experience that I really want to talk about. Last night was movie night and we got to watch a talk Elder Bednar that he gave at the MTC a few years back. It was like the spirit hit me like huge grande piano falling on me from a 20 story building. (smash) It was on the characteristics of Christ. He told a story of a lady who's daughter was in a car accident with two other girls. She learned that her daughter had died but the other two were in very bad conditions and her first concern was to tell the other daughters that their daughters were okay. Elder Bendar was the stake president at the time and he had to go and identify the girls. The ladies daughter was completely distorted and it was a horrific scene to have witnessed. But the lady was concerned about elder Bendar and invited him to see her daughter after she was fixed up so that wasn't his last memory of her. Then on the way to her daughters funeral a very angry sick lady in her relief society called and complained that no one had brought a meal to her yet, so on the way to her daughters funeral she dropped of a hot home cooked meal to this sister.
This lady was a true example of what being Christ-like is like. He invited us all to forget ourselves and lose ourselves in the service of others.
I think that is so important today. I have such a strong desire to be more like my wonderful Savior. We should all try to be more selfless and help others, even when they don't deserve it like that complaining sister.

We also had an amazing fireside with Jenny Oaks Baker. She is an amazing violinist and she is also elder Oaks daughter. Her four kids performed with her and it blew me away. Such a special experience and a great lesson for me on being a great and loving missionary. Again, forget yourself and go to work. 

As for everything else I am okay. I am so happy and so filled with love more then I could ever imagine. It's amazing what this experience can do for so many.
We went on a temple walk and I met Stephanie Neilson. She is the lady from the mormon message about when her and her husband were is a airplane wreck. She is an amazing lady and it was a pleasure to meet her.

The spirit is so strong here. We've taught so many investigators. Even on the first day and I feel so happy to be able to share this great message with so many great people.

I have great teachers. Sister Smith, Brother Sorensen, and Brother McGin (who is a hot hot hottie) are all great and they have helped me so much to be comfortable teaching the lessons. 

I love my district. They are a bunch of 18 year old boys who are about mature as 10 year old boys, but i love them each dearly. They all have such strong testimonies and that continue to blow me away and they have such a sweet and caring nature towards me and my companion. Trent and Jeremy, nothing is more attractive to a lady then a worthy priesthood holder with the name of Christ pinned to their shirts. Please make a mission a priority. It is the best thing I have ever done and its only been 4 days. Plus almost all of them are pretty cute(:

To sum up my experience so far the best way i could do it would be that these past 4 days have been a chocolate fountain of love and of the spirit and i have been swimming in it and stuffing it down my face all day long. Its a wonderful wonderful thing.

As for the bats, that wasn't in my residence hall so I never even saw one. Thank Goodness for that. And as for the parade... guys that wasn't me. I didn't march in any parade and I was way confused. Go look at some more pictures of me so you can remind yourselves of what i really look like. Plus i don't have a skirt like that. hahahahahah mom you should know that. jeeeeeeez louise you had my whole district cracking up hysterically! So that made my day. 

Some things I want all of you to remember. You are loved, God loves you and this world is a beautiful and wonderful place. Good always triumphs evil. And every single one of you reading this is good. Families are together forever and I am so happy I have a wonderful family.
All of you are amazing. Please go out and do something good today. Go help someone in need and brighten someone else's day, if you do I promise it will also brighten your day as well.

Some little questions I'll answer is yes, the food makes me soooo gasey. Yes there are a ton of cute boys, yes I'm still happy I am here and yes I sleep on the top bunk and i hate it because I am i swear I am going to die every night I go to sleep.

I'm alive and well and yes I will send pictures.

I love you all sooooo much and miss you all!

With much love, 

Sister Maranda Dickson

ps please excuse my bad grammer. I do hair not words <3

 Companion in the floral dress and her roommates.
 But first, let me take a selfie!
 Maranda's District.
 All the sisters in Maranda's zone.
 Maranda found her friend Jackie, who is going to New Mexico.
Maranda and her roomates. 

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