Monday, November 2, 2015

Trick or treat.. Actually it was more like smell my feet

So as missionaries we aren't aloud to go out on Halloween. So we had
to be in our apartments by 5. This is what the call deep clean
Halloween. I scrub a rub dubbed all up in the hizzle. Singing along to
MoTab of course.

Another weird thing about New England is some towns celebrate
Halloween on the 30. So half our area celebrated on the 30th and the
other half on the 31st. I don't know why, don't ask me why, who knows
why, I'm pretty sure the natives don't even know why. But it's chill.
DOUBLE THE CANDY. ha.. Just kidding more like double the stinky feet
for me.

On the 28th though the Ward had their Halloween party which was
awesome! Sister Maxwell and I got to decorate a room. We did it 50s
themed. Yes, the lameness of my life continues and I didn't take
pictures sorry😭 but I do have a video of me failing at trying to get
a donut off of a string. Hahaha.. It was a great activity. Lots of the
members brought their nonmember friends so it was great getting to
meet them.

Sad to say that no dogs tried to eat me this week. But I did carve a
pumpkin. Which I did remember to take a picture of😀

So we are having a special zone conference on Friday and an apostle
from the 70s is coming to speak to us. President Stoker says that this
is pretty much the prom night of your mission so you can assume that I
am PUMPED! I'm gonna paint my nails pink woo! So anyways, the gave us
a special pre study for this zone conference and it was a talk in the
April 2012 Ensign talk by Elder Bednar called the Atonement and the
Journey of Mortality. Great talk I really recommend it. But there is a
quote in there that I loved which I would love to use as my spiritual
thought this week. “The purpose of the gospel is … to make bad men
good and good men
better, and to change human nature.” By Elder David O. McKay

Change. That word has been on my mind lately. Did you know that
repentance is really just a Greek word that means change? That
repentance isn't some scary and demeaning, hurtful painful Thing?
Though sometimes it may be hard to change, it is such a blessing that
we are able to even change. All because of our wonderful Savior. He
will make up the strength we lack so that we can change and reach our
true potential.

Woohoo! You can do it! Don't give up on trying to become your best
self. It is always possible with the Savior's help.

He loves you so much.

Hey guess what? I love you all to😀
Have a lovely week my sweet cakes!
Love, sister Dickson

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